Bespoke services: Technical consultancy, prefabrication services and delivery

The world is evolving into an increasingly complex and interlinked place, for which reason simple supply relationships no longer suffice. There is a need for strategic partnerships to which Swiss Steel Group’s global network of sales & services locations of the business unit Swiss Steel International paves the way.

Technical Services

If you have a certain vision of a new product or a more efficient production process, our experts are poised to develop the matching steel solution in conjunction with you. Calling on our know-how at an early stage of your project will not only see you reach the finishing line more quickly, but will also give you a decisive competitive advantage.

Prefabrication Services

Whether you need high-quality semi-finished products or turnkey components, our prefabrication service is capable of providing products that satisfy your requirements at just about any mechanical prefabrication level and with just about any heat treatment.

Just-in-time Delivery Services

Our just-in-time delivery services make us a reliable part of your production chain, serving to increase available capital and creating space for production facilities. In fact, we can even deliver the required parts straight to the location of the machinery which will use them.

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