Shareholder structure as of June 19, 2023

Swiss Steel Holding AG, Lucerne, Switzerland is the ultimate parent company of the Swiss Steel Group. The shares of Swiss Steel Holding AG are listed at the SIX Swiss Exchange, Zurich, Switzerland. The current significant shareholders can be viewed on: SIX Swiss Exchange: SIX Link

The shareholder structure is based on information provided by shareholders and the status of the share register (as of June 19, 2023). Due to time differences and legal notification requirements, there may be deviations between the share register and the information provided by SIX Swiss Exchange.

Our main shareholders are:

BigPoint Holding AG: 32.73%
Swiss domiciled company owned by Swiss national Mr Martin Haefner.

PCS Holding AG/ Peter Spuhler: 20.36%
Swiss domiciled company owned by Swiss national Mr Peter Spuhler.

Liwet Holding AG & ComplexProm Joint Stock Company: 25.89%
Both companies have a shareholding agreement - SIX Link and are respectively Swiss and Russian domiciled

We hereby confirm the above based on:

  • The share register of Swiss Steel Holding AG
  • The SIX Swiss Exchange and
  • The information communicated by Liwet on April 14,.2022



*Additional information: Mr Viktor Vekselberg is a beneficiary of a discretionary trust that is effectively one of our minority shareholders. Mr Viktor Vekselberg is a beneficiary of this discretionary trust which indirectly owns less than 8% of the Swiss Steel Group



Burkhard Wagner
Vice President Corporate Finance & Investor Relations
Phone: +41 (0) 41 581 4180

Disclosure of shareholdings: