Latest financial result

For the right appreciation of the Swiss Steel Holding AG share, this page provides all documents of latest financial results.


Swiss Steel GroupUnit9M 20219M 2020Δ in %Q3 2021Q3 2020Δ in %
Sales volumekilotons1,4381,09031.941033223.5
Revenuemillion EUR2,355.71,683.939.9765.0509.450.2
Average sales priceEUR/t1,640.01,544.96.21,868.11,534.321.8
Adjusted EBITDAmillion EUR151.7– 73.041.8– 21.1
EBITDAmillion EUR146.9– 90.141.5– 28.8
Adjusted EBITDA marginb%6.4– 4.35.5– 4.1
EBITDA margin%6.2– 5.45.4– 5.7
EBITmillion EUR80.8– 243.918.0– 52.6
Ernings before taxesmillion EUR47.9– 278.76.6– 64.0
Group resultmillion EUR38.8– 267.83.6– 66.3
Investmentsmillion EUR63.253.817.528.520.439.7
Free Cash Flowmillion EUR– 169.9– 80.8– 18.29.3
 Unit30.09.202131.12.2020Δ in %   
Net debitmillion EUR644.9639.90.8   
Shareholders’ equity 1)million EUR470.0166.1   
Net debt/adj. EBITDA LTM (leverage)x4.1n/a   
Balance sheet totalmillion EUR2,186.91,715.727.5   
Equity ratio 1)%21.59.7   
Employees as of closing dateAnzahl9,8649,950– 0.9   
Capital employedmillion EUR1,496.51,218.022.9   
 Unit9M 20219M 2020Δ in %Q3 2021Q3 2020Δ in %
Earnings/share 2)EUR/CHF0.01/0.01–0.13/-0.140.00/0.00– 0.03/-0.03
Shareholders’ equity/share 3)EUR/CHF0.16/0.170.08/0.090.16/0.170.08/0.09
Share price high/lowCHF0.478/0.2340.340/0.1260.459/0.3720.190/0.146

1) Including capital increase of CHF 247 million in March 2021
2) Earnings per share are based on the result of the Group after deductionof the portions attributable to non-controlling interests.
3) As of September 30, 2021 and as of December 31, 2020



Burkhard Wagner
Vice President Corporate Finance & Investor Relations
Phone: +41 (0) 41 581 4180

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